No order for Pakistani non-basmati rice in Gulfood exhibition

By | March 8, 2017

Pakistani non-basmati rice has failed in swamping Gulf food market as price of Indian, Vietnamese, and Thai rice is relatively lower.

According to details, Pakistan’s rice exporters participated in Dubai’s ‘Gulfood Exhibition’ but did not succeed in getting a single order for non-basmati rice.

“We are unable to compete Indian, Vietnamese, and Thai rice as their price is relatively lower when compared with Pakistani rice,” narrated Rice Export Association of Pakistan Chairman Mahmood Baqi.

Baqi urged federal government for emergency measures to slash production cost at earliest.

Export orders will be acquired only when price of our product is lower than same product of other countries. Pakistan’s second largest export sector would face serious threats if government does not take timely steps, articulated Baqi.