Reports show Nigeria is not second largest producer of rice

By | February 25, 2017

peaking at a special interactive session with the youths organised by Citizens Support for Good Governance in Nigeria (SGGN) in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city recently, Shehu further called on Nigerians to be patient with the government of President Buhari as the administration was doing more to shore up the economy.

“But as I speak to you now, Nigeria just achieved the record of the second largest producer of rice in the world.

“The rice revolution just started a year ago. Some of you from Nasarawa know the kind of things going on there.

“A newspaper did an investigation in Kebbi and they found out that there were 48,000 new millionaires in Kebbi state alone last year for growing rice,” he had said later adding that he got the report from the Cable News Network (CNN).

But a private investigation by shows that Nigeria is not even among the first 10 producers of rice in the world.

A report released in September 2016 by World Atlas puts the Asian continent as dominating the list of major rice producers in the world with India topping. Other countries, according to their rating from second to 10 positions respectively include: China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Phillipines, Cambodian and Pakistan.

Logically, it would be difficult for Nigeria to become the second largest rice producer in the world in just three months by-passing the other nine that have remained tops over the years.

The World Atlas report however agrees that Nigeria, Niger and Tanzania are some of the African countries exhibiting a positive disposition to the consumption of rice and thus maybe expanding its farming.