Vietnam’s top farm exports in 2014

By | January 26, 2015

Vietnam’s agricultural sector is estimated to earn 30.86 billion U.S. dollars from farm exports this year, a year-on-year increase of 11.2 percent, reported the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on its website on Sunday.

Wood and timber exports top the list of farm products earning high export value, with 6.54 billion dollars, an increase of 12.7 percent over last year. The United States, China and Japan are the three largest importers of Vietnamese wood.

Shrimp exports ranked second with 4 billion dollars, a growth of 28 percent against last year and the highest value that the sector has ever recorded so far. The United States remained the biggest importer of Vietnamese shrimp.

With an export value of 3.6 billion dollars, a rise of 33.2 percent over last year, coffee exports were placed third in the list of Vietnamese farm products having high export value. Germany and the United States remained the largest consumers of Vietnamese coffee in 2014.

Other farm exports had high export earnings included rice with 3.04 billion dollars, cashew nuts with 2 billion dollars, tra fish with 1.8 billion dollars, rubber with 1.8 billion dollars, and pepper with 1.2 billion dollars, reported the ministry.