Pakistan eyeing Iranian markets for its agriculture goods

By | February 27, 2016

To boost its agriculture commodity exports, Pakistan has decided to invite Iranian agriculture minister to the country. The formal request for the visit is likely to be extended by the Minister for National Food Security Sikander Hayat Bosan in the next few days to the Iranian ambassador.

An official source said the decision to invite the Iranian Agriculture minister was made as it was found out that the Iranian Agriculture Ministry authorises all the commodities imports while the Iranian Commerce Ministry has no role in the process. The diplomatic move was advised by the Ministry of Commerce.

After lifting of international trade restrictions on Iran, Pakistan is hopeful of gaining access to the Iranian market. Pakistan has surplus wheat, rice, sugar, vegetables potato and onions and fruits. The government is under pressure from the business community to find new markets for these produce as the prices have crashed locally.

The government has already lifted all the restrictions on trade with Iran. The State Bank of Pakistan has allowed banks to establish banking links with Iran. This will help in creating a formal payment mechanism between the two neighbouring countries.

The visit of the Iranian Agriculture Ministry will help apprise Iranian officials about Pakistani commodities like wheat, rice, vegetables, fruits and meat. During the last thirty years of isolation of Iran, Pakistan has become a major agriculture producer and can easily meet the brotherly neighbour’s food requirements, a senior official said.