Importers urge KPA to release cargo

By | February 27, 2016

The Association of Importers has protested against the Kenya Ports Authority’s decision to continue holding thousands of containers that were to be stored at the Autoports and Portside container freight stations.

The two CFSs associated with Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho’s family were shut last month on allegations of holding contraband.

The government ordered that all imported cargo on transit be verified and cleared at the port.

Previously, imports were verified and cleared at the CFSs.

More than 2,000 containers, including 37,500 tonnes of rice imported from Pakistan, have been at the port for a month since the two CFSs were closed.

The importers say the rice was to be stored at the two CFSs.

Last week, the Pakistan High Commission commercial counsellor, Amir Mohyuddin, and Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan chairman Rafique Suileman urged KPA to release the cargo.

The importers lawyer, Japheth Asige, said his clients have incurred huge losses.

Speaking to journalists in Mombasa town on Thursday, he said perishable goods are going bad.

There are reports containers have piled up at the port because only one scanner is working.

Asige said KPA granted Dot.Com Consultancy Ltd, a firm representing the importers, permission to clear the cargo from the port on February 18.

“My clients have not been allowed to collect a single container yet charges and penalties are running into millions

of shillings, they fear they may not raise the money,” he said.