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Rescuing Vietnam’s rice sector by improving quality, branding

Vinh Hoan Seafood Company has decided to quit rice production and export though it spent big money on building a factory and choosing high-quality rice sources for export. Analysts said that Vinh Hoan made a reasonable decision. Many other rice export companies took a loss in the last year, had to be dissolved or kept… Read More »

Rice Export Volume Drops

The rice export volume has declined this fiscal year due to flooding and a slowdown in demand from China, rice traders said. The rice export volume for the 2016-17 fiscal year is expected to reach 1 million tons, which is less than the 2015-16 export volume of 1.3 million tons, said U Ye Min Aung,… Read More »

Private sector investments boosting agriculture output

Increased private sector investment in agriculture is helping to modernise a sector that the government has named as a priority for development because of its crucial role in the economy, the Nikkei Asian Review said last week. The investment includes the country’s biggest rice mill, being built by Myanmar Agribusiness Public Corporation to boost exports… Read More »

Farmers suffer as rice price slumps

Rice farmers are enduring hard times because production costs have exceeded the return on months of hard toil, with prices at their lowest levels since 2012. FALLING RICE prices have brought misery for many of the farmers who comprise about two-thirds of Myanmar’s population. Months of hard toil have produced a bitter harvest of financial… Read More »

Innovations ratchet up rice production

Global rice production has increased enormously over the past few decades, improving the world’s food security. At the same time, the gains in production and resulting boost to the supply of rice have made the commodity much cheaper and ultimately less profitable, particularly for small farmers. Thanks to more efficient machines and farming methods, better… Read More »

Rice exports drop

Until mid-December this fiscal year, nearly 600,000 tonnes of rice have been exported, about 110,000 tonnes down on last year, according to the Ministry of Commerce. From April 1 to December 16, the country exported around 590,000 tonnes of rice compared with more than 700,000 tonnes last year. Myanmar exports rice mainly to China through… Read More »

Government tries to stem declining rice prices

In a bid to solve declining rice prices, the government plans to buy rice from farmers at an inflated price, according to the Myanmar Rice Federation. The committee which was formed under the Law of Protection and Promotion of Farmers Interests will implement the plan in cooperation with the commerce ministry and state and regional… Read More »