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Vietnam vows to develop national rice brand

Vietnam is a big rice exporter, but the world only knows Its white rice products with different broken grain proportions. Vietnam’s rice exports do not bear a Vietnam brand, but they are put in bags with import countries’ labels. In the domestic market, Vietnam’s rice is less favored than imports from Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan and… Read More »

Rice price goes up sharply in Khulna

Rice prices have marked a sharp rise in the district due to a fall in import and the ‘monopoly’ of a syndicate of some rice mill owners. Visiting retail markets in the city, the UNB correspondent found coarse rice was selling in between Tk 34-35 per kilogram, up from Tk 26-27 barely weeks back. Besides,… Read More »

India’s agriculture exports plunge 6%

India’s agriculture exports declined by almost 6 per cent from $10.81 billion during April to November 2015-16 to $ 10.20 billion for the same period this fiscal, according to the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority data. Experts cited demonetisation, along with high Indian export prices and government’s removal of export incentives, as… Read More »

Rice exports of Vietnam face tough year ahead

Vietnam farmers face another difficult year as confidence falters with industry analysts particularly pessimistic the country will reach overseas sales of more than five million metric tons in 2017, the Vietnam Food Association has said. Speaking at a recent industry forum in Ho Chi Minh City, Huynh Minh Hue, secretary of the Association, noted that… Read More »